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Mary Miller

Mary Miller, the CEO and owner of JANCOA, has lived through the process of building sustainable systems for inspiring individuals to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams. Through keynote speeches and focused workshops, Mary showcases her forward-thinking and caring, entrepreneurial spirit. She is known for her ability to motivate individuals to focus on life’s positive aspects—including each individual’s uniqueness and personal power.


Through the process of improving JANCOA’s culture and taking care of employees, Mary and her team implemented support systems and practices that:

Dramatically reduced turnover at JANCOA

  • Improved employee engagement, leading to increased efficiencies and profit
  • Developed The Dream Engineer program at JANCOA, alongside her husband Tony Miller, to inspire team members to Dream Big.  Through conversations of encouragement and connecting individuals with existing community programs, team members improve their quality of life and work toward a brighter future.
  • Released her own book, Changing Direction: 10 Choices That Impact Your Dreams, practical choices anyone can make to move from victim to victor to create the life of their dreams.

In addition to being JANCOA’s CEO, Mary is an associate coach for the Strategic Coach working with fellow entrepreneurs to balance their careers with life, while increasing income, working less and enjoying the process.

If you would like to work with Mary and the team at JANCOA, apply online today!

Mary Miller - Dream Big

New Book Defines Ten Choices Anyone Can Make to Impact Their Dreams

Mary Miller, CEO of JANCOA Janitorial Services, has released her book, Changing Direction: 10 Choices That Impact Your Dreams.

The book outlines 10 choices anyone can make to impact his or her dreams.  Miller explains that by focusing on your dreams to improve your own future, you can change direction and accomplish almost anything you set out to achieve.  In the book, she states, “This is what I love to do—help people like you realize what they already know but are afraid to do anything about. More often than not, our instincts are correct. If you’re unhappy, you probably know why. What we need are tools we can use to change direction, take control, and undergo our own great transformation.”

The book is available through Amazon.

Mary Miller - Dream Big - Changing Direction - Ten Choices That Impact Your Dreams


“You were a big part of UnleashWD’s success this past week and you helped the attendees re-imagine what’s possible when it comes to unleashing the potential of their associates.  Thanks for helping us all understand the power of being a Dream Manager!”

Dirk Beveridge,  UnleashWD

“When Mary Miller speaks – everyone listens, when Mary Miller laughs, everyone laughs. Mary speaks from the heart and connects with her audience in ways other speakers could only hope.”

Jamie Smith, Cincinnati Business Courier

“When you read Mary Miller’s book, you immediately know that she lives the title and that her own story is what motivates everyone she meets to change their direction for the better.”

Dan Sullivan, founder of The Strategic Coach Inc.

“We hired Mary Miller to speak to our Women’s Network at American Modern at a time when our company is going through tremendous, transformational change. Her message around pursuing your dreams and finding success in the midst of difficult circumstances was right on point. I would have her out again without question. She is an inspiration!

Melanie Winstead, American Modern Insurance Group

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