Careers at JANCOA

Careers at JANCOA involve just 4 easy steps:


1. Apply

2. Interview

3. Paid Training

4. Start Working


Open interviews Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 1:00-5:00

Benefits at JANCOA


All Employees

  • Competitive wages
  • Paid vacation days full & part time
  • 401(k) matching retirement plan
  • Health care insurance
  • Paid holidays
  • Work close to home

Extra Perks

  • Overtime opportunities
  • Family and community days
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Staff appreciation parties
  • Career and advancement support
  • Free uniforms
  • Paid training

Current Employees

  • Earn a recruitment bonus! Current JANCOA team members are encouraged to refer hard-working friends and family to apply for a job at JANCOA. If your referral is hired and remains an employee in good standing for 90 days, you can earn $200 for yourself and your referral will receive $200! Careers at JANCOA pay off!

Careers at JANCOA are easy to apply for. Click here to apply online now.


“JANCOA is a great place to work with people of different backgrounds, color of skin, languages and nationalities that have a common team of hard working. In 2004, JANCOA gave me an opportunity for my first job in the U.S and now 15 years later as a Job Developer I connect my clients to the company; they get the opportunity.”

Mussie Andemariam, Refugee Resettlement Services, Catholic Charities

“- जान्कोवाको बारेमा मलाई के मनपर्छ भने यसमा धेरै फायदाहरू छन् र यसमा बहुभाषी व्यवस्थापन भएको कारणले विभिन्न देशका मानिसहरूलाई राम्रो काम गर्ने वातावरण बनाउन मद्दत गरेको छ। जोकोआमा सबैजना धेरै अनुकूल र एक टीम प्लेएर छन्।
– जान्कोआले मलाई विभिन्न तरिकाले मदत गरेको छ- मलाई कम्पनीको साथ विकसित हुने अवसर दिइयो जसले मलाई घर खरीद गर्न र आर्थिक रूपमा मेरो परिवारलाई समर्थन गर्न मद्दत गर्यो। र यसले जागिरको अवसर सिर्जना गरेर हाम्रो समुदायकामानिसहरूलाई सहयोग पुर्याएको छ।”

फुर्बा तामांग

“What I like about JANCOA is it has lots of benefits and it’s multilingual management has helped people from different countries to have a good working environment. Everyone at JANCOA is very friendly and are team players.

JANCOA has helped me in various ways. They gave me an opportunity to grow with the company which helped me to buy a house and to financially support my family. And it has helped our community people by creating job opportunities.”

Phurba Tamang, Area Manager

“Buena compañía para trabajar. He estado con JANCOA por tres años. Realmente me gusta mi trabajo. JANCOA está muy agradecida por mi trabajo y estoy agradecido por la gran oportunidad aquí. JANCOA es una buena compañía que ayuda y le brinda la oportunidad de lograr niveles más altos de trabajo dentro de JANCOA, trabajando para convertirse en supervisor, gerente, técnico de pisos y eso es algo genial de JANCOA.”

Christian Diaz, Day Porter

“Good company to work for. I have been with JANCOA for three years. I really like my job. JANCOA is very appreciative of my job and I am thankful for the great opportunity here. JANCOA is a good company that helps and gives you the opportunity to achieve higher levels of work within JANCOA, working your way to become a supervisor, manager, floor tech and that’s something great about JANCOA.”

Christian Diaz, Day Porter

“Siempre había oído hablar de JANCOA. Vivió fuera del estado pero una vez que se mudó a Cincinnati, JANCOA fue el primer lugar que solicitó y fue contratado como portero de dia. Le encanta su trabajo, aprender nuevos edificios y ver a diferentes personas todos los días. El hecho de poder trabajar en JANCOA ayuda a que mi esposa se quede en casa y cuide de nuestros hijos que aún son pequeños. JANCOA ha sido muy buena conmigo y me ayudan a trabajar algunas horas extra en algunas noches para ayudar en las cancelaciones de la noche, y eso significa un poco más de dinero extra para mi familia. Me gusta JANCOA porque me tratan con respeto y la compañía me ha enseñado mucho. Estoy muy agradecido.”

Ruben Vega, Floater

“Ruben had always heard of JANCOA and when he moved to Cincinnati JANCOA was first place he applied. He loves his job, learning new buildings and seeing different people every day.  “Being able to work at JANCOA helps to have my wife be a stay at home mom, and take care of our kids who are still little. JANCOA has been good to me and they help me work some overtime on nights  to help cover the call offs at night, and that means a little more extra cash for my family. I like JANCOA because I am treated with respect and the company has taught me so much. I am very thankful.”

Ruben Vega, Floater