Exceptional Service with a Smile!

These are actual emails and letters sent to the Jancoa team. The last names and addresses have been deleted to protect our customer’s privacy.


We are having guests again Thursday AM.

The cleaning crew did a great job. Please express our thanks to Jancoa.

Thank you all very, very much. It is a busy week for us but we are fortunate to be able to depend on your team to help us out in every way possible.

Thanks to all.


Yesterday when we went “live” with our 1st floor sprinklers a fitting came loose and water began gushing out of the ceiling. Thankfully Security noticed this and notified maintenance, Janco jumped in and was right there helping us clean up the water!

Thanks to everyone for a team effort!


Sounds like a great team.

Thanks everyone.


Please tell the cleaning crew how much we appreciate their cleaning/waxing our kitchen and copy room linoleum.
Rick (I hope that’s his name……correct me if I’m wrong) stopped in yesterday to look around and mentioned that they would do that for us and they did it last night. What a difference!



Thank you so much for your attentiveness to our request for detailing in/around our suite for our corporate royalty visit.  The Jancoa site mgr. came to verify our wants, and the work was completed to satisfaction.  It went well and they were impressed, I believe.

Thank you

Hi Jane,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a great job the Jancoa guys do in cleaning 2nd floor.  They are always very respectful of the fact that we are working while they are cleaning.  They are thorough, such as dusting all surfaces, and vacuum inside cubicals if it is possible.  They leave the area sparkling everyday!  I have never experienced such an excellent job in any other office setting.

Please feel free to share this with Jancoa management.  They deserve the kudos!

Take care,

Good morning,

The floors look great!!!!! My third shift tech said that originally there was a guy doing a great job but then he was moved. Whoever did last night also did a great job. Thanks.