Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Green Cleaning Solutions

Part of JANCOA’s mission is to provide the best possible Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solutions available. We are committed to providing services that safely clean for health without harming the environment. All parts of the process create the result of a safe, clean and healthy sustainable facility. This includes our high performance systems used by our teams, choosing the appropriate cleaning chemicals, equipment and paper products that meet or exceed LEED requirements as well as the effectiveness audits. All parts work together to create the result: a safe, clean and healthy building.

JANCOA will continue to stay educated and informed in the changes in LEED and the world of “Green”. We want to be a resource to our customers, employees and alliances. This scope will comply with LEED certified facilities, those pursuing LEED certification as well as those that want a safe, clean and healthy building. All customers are cleaned using the Environmentally Friendly Cleaning method described in this policy.

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