Dream Manager

Inspiring Employees to Pursue Their Personal Dreams

Dream Manager BookThe Dream Manager is a program founded by Mary and Tony Miller that inspires our employees to pursue their personal dreams. The program that originated at JANCOA inspired the New York Times best-selling book, The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly. Employees are encouraged to identify their dreams and take real action steps to achieve those dreams. Each JANCOA employee is a valuable employee. We want them to recognize their value and remove the limits they place on themselves so they can become all they can be in life.

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Put Your Dreams into Motion

We are all people with hopes and dreams. Whether your dream is to own a home, achieve your talents, the Dream Manager Program can help you formulate your plan to make your dreams become reality.

Some dreams accomplished by program participants include:

  • Improved financial situation, including the Financial Peace Program
  • Furthering their education by earning a GED and/or college degree
  • Purchasing a home or automobile
  • Starting a small business
  • Mending personal relationships
  • Quit smoking
  • Creating their own Dream Manager charities
  • Adoption
  • Launching individual and team fitness and wellness programs
  • Started their dream career after their time/experience at JANCOA
  • Continued career growth within JANCOA

For more information on the Dream Manager Program, please contact Mary Miller at 513-351-7200 or office@jancoa.com.